WHEN? My Dream – My Abkhazia

The exhibition of refugee artists from Abkhazia

Contemporary world counts 424 conflicts*. The conflict in Abkhazia is one of them. About 300 000 refugees from Abkhazia are among 65 million internally displaced persons in various countries of the world. Hundreds of Governmental, Non-Governmental and International organizations work on conflict resolution. Negotiations, meetings, conferences are held in various cities worldwide; millions of refugees look forward to returning home. For 23 years now the artists-participants of this exhibition have been waiting for the answer to the question “when shall we go back”? The question “when” encompassing time and hope has long become the source of their inspiration!
We cannot select the epoch when to be born…
We cannot not select the space, where to start life…
We can select the ways and means for manifesting our creativity, talent, inner fantasy.

Together with Dutch and Georgian partners Euro Art Foundation is honoured to host the art of refugee artists from Abkhazia, their choice – to save their own self in art and via art, in the city of Leiden – Rembrandt’s hometown, to distance from the time and space full of conflicts, wars, terror or natural calamities and create pieces of art with diverse emotion, mood and philosophy.

Exposing the pronounced individualism of each artist in the same space gives unique look to the exhibition. Particular is the group of participants, 21 to 78-year-old refugee artists, who will present themselves to the spectators not with as though expected heavy themes, but, on the contrary, from another world in different language – via art.

“When?” – 26 May – 3 June 2017, Gallery ZONE, Leiden, The Netherlands

Zurab Chedia, Eldar Kavshbaia, Merab Pipia, Ekaterine Karchava, Denis Gonobolin, Nana Pangani, David Markozia, Mamuka Pipia Khuta Kvaratskhelia, Irma Gelantia, Ramin Apakidze, Odik Kekua, Nino Chedia Irine Chutkerashvili, Pavlusha Kekua, Merab Epadze, Bidzina Sidiani, Dina Vekua, Leila Bagbaia, Valeri Chargazia, Alex Dvali, Keti Epadze

* Heidelberg Institute for International Conflict Research, Conflict Barometer-2014


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